Life cycle of Lies – Created by we, the people!

Life cycle of Lies – Created by we, the people!

Life cycle of Lies – Created by we, the people!

Primary School – Moral Science lesson: One should never tell lies.

Senior School – Teachers’ advice : You should avoid telling lies – it will just land you in deep trouble.

College Time – Peer Advice – Harmless lying is alright – who will know? Take a chill pill buddy!and no will will reward you if you tell the truth always – lol lol lol!!

Professional World – Boss and colleagues :

Learn to lie. Lying is an art.
You have to make up a story for the client.
Tell the dealer I am not in office – cook up some lies!
As if you never lied – shut-up liar!
Gosh! What a smooth liar he/she is – Boss is really impressed the way he/she instantly cooked up such a convincing story!
He got promoted – of course he will – lies all the time and is boss’s favourite!
He gets the best of deals by lying blatantly and making false promises – his incentives are more than his salary!!
Repeated lies become truth!

Lies will always triumph in this material world!



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