Jee Karda - Amazon Series Review By Kalyug Briefs

Jee Karda - Amazon Series Review By Kalyug Briefs

Jee Karda – Amazon Series Review By Kalyug Briefs

Teenagers in 2000s manage to completely mess up their lives by the time they reach their 30’s. Most of the cases were clearly shown to be raised in a ‘broken family’ or a family where the parents were not good role models!

Arjun, becomes a famous singer and then comes to know that he was an illegitimate son of a legend singer! His mother had kept it as a secret because he was an illegitimate child. Raised by being fed lies….

Rishabh belonged to an orthodox family but they did not mind the fact that he was in a live-in relationship with his childhood friend Lavanya/ Lavu for the past 4 years. After children reach adulthood – they anyways don’t care about what the elderly well wishers may be suggesting them. They will learn their lessons their own way after all!

Lavanya’s mother was a libidinous woman who blatantly told around about her sexcapades  even with her daughter. The daughter had her as the role model – so obviously concepts of chaste and moral values were totally lacking in her. Ultimately it’s the mother who brings about the downfall in the ‘supposedly’ ideal relationship between Rishabh and Lavu….probably making Lavu understand that a single sex-partner can never satisfy the libidinous DNA map she had!

Melroy’s step father used to sexually abuse him since he was 11 years old. His friends help him expose the step father – who then commits suicide leaving Melroy survive somehow with guilt and grudges. He then becomes a gay. As a gay also he manages to attract an abusive partner who used to bully and beat him up. He then tries out a gay dating app and hires multiple gays for sensual fulfilment.

Sheetal, a topper in NIFT, marries in a family where all lived together and they hardly had any space for themselves! She loves Sameer but could not convince him to take up a flat just adjacent  to their flat. She is still shown to compromise a lot but to no avail…she was not happy about the adjustments she was making. Looked happy on the outside but very sad in the inside. They had to actually use the toilet to ‘make love’ because there was no privacy in their house. As she becomes pregnant, she decides to leave Sameer…if he did not agree to move in to a flat of their own.

Preet, also had a weakness for Arjun since teenage and thought that Arjun will marry her one day. Arjun had zero feelings for her and nothing materialized between the two of them. She becomes a counselor but herself needed a lot of counselling! She then went in for various live-in relationships but was afraid to commit …. There is a scene where she was counselling a young teenage school boy who was lamenting about the fact that his father had left with his new girlfriend and his mother also fled with a man and that the car he used was old and small compared to his friend’s car…..what ridiculous social degradation is this – unbelievable! ghor kalyug!

Shahid belonged to a financially poor family with a very strict father and had grudges against the rich show-offs who called themselves his friends. He was trying hard to bring some light in the lives of slum dwellers and had invited his friends for the inauguration of a small school. But hardly anyone turned up – leaving him sad, angry and vindictive.

As it is life for everyone – whether rich or poor – was completely messed up! And then came the whistleblower dialogue – disgruntled Shahid reveals to Rishabh that his wife had sex with Arjun on the sangeet night of his wedding….right in front of everyone!

Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere!

And last but not the least – Lavu confesses that she is least guilty about the fact that she had sex with Arjun and rather she enjoyed it very much.

Like mother, like daughter.


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