Jan Dara – A review

Jan Dara – A review

Jan Dara – A 2001 film – A review

Thailand’s most popular and controversial literary works – Jan Dara – is a movie which I happened to see while browsing the TV channel late one night!

Special Attention :Indian Parents – please see the kinds of movies / novels that your innocent children are exposed to and what ideas they form of the World at large !!

Story Line

  1. A Lady named Dara is not just a female (with a pair of breastikins & a slit) but also very beautiful – that becomes a curse for her! Her friend’s boyfriend takes her to a deep forest and rapes her – soon his 5 friends come to know of the fun that he was having – so they follow him and as soon as he finishes to ‘hump’ her – they rape her one by one.
  2. She becomes pregnant – since Science had not developed much at that point of time – so there was no concept of Abortion – so reluctantly she gets married to Khun Luang (who already had a sex maniac girl friend) – since she was already bloated with the baby so the groom could not hump his beautiful wife. – guess what!? wife dies during child birth – a son was born to her – named Jan Dara !!

  3. Sex starved and libidinous Khun Luang could not get over the fact that inspite of being married to a beautiful Lady – he could never ‘jump on be’ with her – so he starts to hump- any and every female who came in his vicinity – maid servants esp. and started treating Jan Dara as a street dog – beating him with belts etc. In comes his Aunt – to take care of the boy – who is also in turn ‘humped by’ Khun Luang – and this time the libidinous father manages to plant to seed in the Aunt’s womb – it was an ‘x’ chromosome! Khun Kaewe is born!!
  4. Jan Dara is more pally with the servants – so at the age of 14-15 he gets initiated in sex by a maid servant.In the mean time he sees a girl – living with her father and loves her in his heart – but continues to hump the maid – love has nothing to do with having sex with any or many….that is what the best sellers try to imply I suppose !
  5. Khun Luang then brings in his ex maniac girl friend and starts having a good hump time with her. Luang’s daughter begins to grow up and behaves like her father – throwing around orders and basically a maniac (like father like daughter). But Sex maniac ‘kept’ wanted a younger virile man to hump her – guess what – she seduces Jan Dara and they both start humping happily – but sadly Khun Luang catches them and suffers his first stroke!
  6. Jan Dara is sent away to his Granny’s place for 2 years – but is urgently called back in order to marry Khun Kaewe (Luang’s daughter) – as father had managed to rape his daughter as well – since she had developed breasts and had started mentruating so – I suppose Khun Luang did not see any harm in humping her – but she becomes pregnant !!-No Abortion doctors available this time as well!!- Science had’nt yet advanced!!- so Jan Dan is made to marry her!!(they both hated each other during childhood – kinda sibling rivalry!!
  7. She gives birth to an abnormal child- Jan Dara starts humping available taut maid servants and resumes his sex escapades with his Aunt. He tried to find out about the school going girl he had loved in his heart – but she had (thank God fully) died of typhoid – Jan pleads Khun Kaewe to bear him a child – she never lets him touch her since she hated him but he manages to force a spermikin in her womb. One day, much to his shock – he discovered that sex maniac Aunt had homosexual relationship with his wife and one day while having Lesbian sex(inserting wrists etc. I suppose) she manages to kill the child in the womb and Jan Wife had this accidental / automatic abortion!!…the scene was pathetically gory with blood falling from the bed but Khun Kaewe was smiling at Jan Dara for having aborted his child.The concept of ABORTION was born here I suppose !

  8. Last scene showed that Jan Dara became an impotent after the abortion episode and so with him the ‘Genetic Makeup Generation’ of one the 6 maniacs who had raped his Mother – came to an end!! Also , since the abnormal ‘cursed’ son of Khun Kaewe was incapable of anything – so with him died down – another generation of sex starved dog like Khun Luang !!So this way Women ultimately put an end to the clan of sex starved maniacs !!

This is a story – which became a best seller in Kalyug !! Ghor kalyug.





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