Island Vacation – A saga of lust & betrayal

Island Vacation – A saga of lust & betrayal

Island Vacation – A saga of lust & betrayal

Duru had recently gotten married to Mita (actually Bhanumati but shortened her name fondly – also because they found it very village rustic!). She was the only daughter of a filthy rich industrialist and had rejected Duru when he first proposed to her. Because Mita had rejected Duru, he pursued her with increased fervor  till she gave in and agreed to marry him!

Dushu, Duru’s younger brother was very close to Duru. So when Mita and Duru were going on their honeymoon, Dushu tagged along with them to the remote honeymoon Island. They were enjoying their honeymoon running around in tiny bikinis & hot-shorts – but little did they realize that their fun was short lived!

Surpu had just broken up with her husband and he had refused to give custody of his sons to her as he felt that she was way too immature and selfish and not at all ready to perform motherly duties. On one hand Surpu was very glad that she was not having to spend time potty-pissy training her brats – but on the other hand her friends and relatives were laughing behind her back because she was literally kicked out of her husband’s house!  Thus Surpu was agitated and irritated most of the time. Her brother, Ravu, fixed her a shrink (psychiatrist) and the horny aged shrink suggested that she should forget her past completely and enjoy herself totally, make new boyfriends etc.  because she deserved to be happy!

Surpu loved her suggestion and on that very day she spent thousands in the beauty parlor to make herself beach ready and ‘quicky’ ready – with just anyone who caught her fancy! Surpu reached the same island as Duru and Dushu!

As soon as she saw Duru working out in the gym, she knew that he belonged to her only! Surpu unbuttoned the first 3 buttons of her tight gym t-shirt, displaying her cleavage and almost both her teats,  and approached Duru seductively. Duru’s eyes popped out as sexy Surpu approached him but he could not show much interest because Mita was also in the same gym watching him while running on the treadmill! Duru mischievously pointed her towards his bother Dushu – lamenting the fact that his wife was also in the gym – yet kept the window of conversation open by introducing her to Dushu! Mita was observing it all quietly.

They had lunch together and as Duru and Mita went to their own cozy cottage, Surpu followed Dushu to his room for some fun and sex. But Surpu could not get over Duru and somehow by evening she managed to plan out with Duru – how they will meet when Mita was sound asleep. Mita was already eying them suspiciously and later pretended to sleep early only to watch whether Duru leaves his newly wed young and sexy wife to ‘hump’ the aged c**t-head flirting openly with him! To her shock, Duru left his room at 2:30 am – Mita followed him and saw him cuddling with Surpu before diving on bed with her. This broke Mita’s heart and she wanted revenge…but how?

As if the demon and devil imps heard her – the very next day Mita saw Ravu talking to Surpu. Mita thought that Ravu was her husband and hastily decided to seduce him and take revenge from Surpu for taking away her husband from her! Ravu was surprised to see Mita trying her best to seduce him – she was quite young for him but then he decided to enjoy till it lasts. Ravu asked Mita whether she would like to accompany him to another beach called ‘Nangrila’ (it was a full nude beach and people could openly indulge in orgy!). Mita agreed and they both left for a long drive. Mita did not tell anyone – just sat in the car and they drove off. Mita had hidden her wedding ring so Ravu thought that she was some wannabe single female who wanted to have fun on some rich man’s expense!

Duru and Dushu started looking for Mita. They then checked the hotel cctv and found out that she had left early morning with Ravu! Since Surpu was there with them, she told them about Ravu being her brother – so she was in safe hands. She then called her brother Ravu and asked him where he was – and then they all headed for ‘Nangrila’ Island!

Mita knew Duru would be arriving so she immediately took off her bare minimum bikini covering and started running around naked on the beach – she then agreed to have an orgy session and just as she was exploding excitedly with one of the orgy partners, she saw Duru come in. Duru saw his wife enjoying with some random gigolo! He frowned a bit but then readily forgave her because he was not a hypocrite – for both he and his brother Dushu were doing exactly that with Surpu while they were driving down to Nangrila!

Ravu, Surpu, Duru, Dushu and Mita together had lunch and it was time to part ways! Surpu was unhappy to see them go but soon after Ravu introduced her to his horny business partner Jara and she started enjoying with Jara!

Mita, Duru and Dushu reached home after their honeymoon vacation! After 2 months all three started showing symptoms of AIDS – they did their blood test and found that they were suffering from AIDS after all! They saw each other rot and melt and die dreadfully! Their horny lifestyle came to a screeching halt!

Surpu did not die though – she was a carrier of AIDS not a sufferer. In fact both Ravu and Surpu were born with this blessing – their DNA was very strong – AIDS could not harm them in any way!

End of story.

PS: No Duru did not ask his wife for any chastity test – after all he had himself witnessed her having sex with some gigolo. He was a very broad-minded husband. Mita was glad that her husband was so forgiving – he was such a dream-hubby material – it was a pity that she could not beget broadminded sons like him….remember they were all suffering from AIDS!


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