Indie Film ‘ Lipstick under my Burqua- review by Kalyug briefs

Indie Film ‘ Lipstick under my Burqua- review by Kalyug briefs

Indie Film ‘ Lipstick under my Burqua (LUMB):


  1. Aged ladies can be as sex starved and perverts as aged males. Aged ladies may too try their luck with younger and more virile boys – as old as their sons…or even younger to them! Although it is always noticed that the poor aged but pervert males are often cornered and abused by media and others!
  2. Many married ladies are treated as sex objects and baby producing machines only. The 2nd character here is one such lady whose husband is unemployed, having extra marital affairs plus impregnates his wife almost every 9 months! He does not believe in using condoms – he does not bother that wife will suffer tremendously if she continues to produce babies year after year! – meaning no money to feed babies – but continue to bring them on earth and do what? – make them beggars I guess…or feed them junk and turn them into terrorists!!
  3. 3rd character is a young ambitious female who likes to have sex – anytime, every time. Her father was a drunkard – died early coz’ of liver/ pancreas failure – had taken loan – which, her mother was having to pay back by becoming a nude model for the nude artists – like those who draw nude females! I am amazed why this nude art is still surviving when so many 3d animation softwares are already in the market! Methinks Indians have taken an oath to NOT PROGRESS COME WHAT MAY!
  4. 4th character is a young teenager whose parents, though living in a slum area, send their daughter to English medium school – thinking that she would excel and do good in life! Indians have been made to feel since decades that if you know English, you will rise in life! Thinking thusly, her small time tailor parents admit her in expensive convent school and later admit her in college. What parents don’t understand- is that with teenage comes an attraction for the opposite sex too – and with English knowledge – your expectations grow too! She obviously befriends smart looking English speaking students in the college – who like to lead a licentious life – plus have drugs, booze and enjoy late night parties – only to be caught by the cops and beaten ..a bit – not too much – their parents come and bail them out – bailing means money is involved – the police department makes money by all this also – so they are rather glad with night clubs and discotheques!


This is what film LUMB is all about – the sexuality of lower middle class – average educated Indian women.

How are we, the 3rd world Indians, psychologically any different from the 1st world US-ians?

Comparative analysis of human psychologies : references:  Indie Film ‘ Lipstick under my Burqua (LUMB) and US Sitcom – FRIENDS

I will maintain extreme brevity!

In the film LUMB, there is 55 years old lady, Leela, who likes to read soft porn (medium and hard core porn was also welcome for her). In one scene she was reading out and getting horny too – a stanza that said that a man was taking his bath – totally naked !!

In the sitcom FRIENDS, there is a scene – probably in season 1 – where all the 3 girls come out in their balcony and are trying to peep inside the room occupied by some male. All three of them are seen wishing that his towel falls off his loin so that they can see him stark naked! Apparently they saw him too – it was clear from their horny expressions !

I rest my case.



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