How can men differentiate between consenting & non-consenting adult women?

How can men differentiate between consenting & non-consenting adult women?

How can men differentiate between  consenting & non-consenting adult women?

If sex workers  (aka. Prosti**tes) and non-sex workers (consenting or non-consenting adults) wear the same type of dress and make-up – how on earth will the poor male clients/ customers of sex-workers differentiate between the two!?

Its quite possible that an unassuming male client looking for sexual services approach a non-sex worker and as he asks for her rate – he will be beaten black and blue for daring to make an indecent proposal to her or for being judgemental (you know like he made a quick judgement about her that she must be a prosti** by viewing her dressing sense !)

Well, under such circumstances, the Government should allot a badge to sex workers that should clearly indicate her availability for sexual services!  That is the best solution methinks!

How can mothers of sons help?

Because mothers cannot possibly teach their grown up sons on ‘how to differentiate between an available and non-available female’! Often mothers are asked to teach their sons to change their mind set and curb that ‘choti soch’ and all that blah blah! Choti soch is inevitable upon seeing a choti dess – this is what Indians have grown up learning!

So till the time Indians (men esp.) totally curb it out of their minds that a choti dress or almost-no-dress is not inviting you to have sex / or is not supposed to turn-you-on or entice you – please go abroad and live there.

Most men out there have grown watching their mothers and aunts, sisters wearing negligible nothings and even open to random sex or sex outside of wedlock etc. So they are used to watching women dive on bed with anyone who catches their fancy – it is very normal for them! So even if you loiter in a bikini in the Mall, hardly any male will look at you or even stare at you – they have seen enough of such body exposures and are really not hankering for it ! (moreover women abroad are fair and lovely by default – they will certainly not be lured by some dark and short lady [average Indian woman description] wearing a tiny outfit!)

Although in spite of so much nudity around, women are still getting raped abroad! Amazing!


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