Forget your past – Short Story

Forget your past – Short Story

Forget your past – Short Story


Nisha met Nikhil at a coffee shop. Their profiles had matched in the Matrimony site and with the consent of both their parents, they had come to meet each other.


They ordered for coffee and some snacks and after talking formally for a while, Nikhil said –


Nikhil – Basically we both know why we are meeting – so are you ready to start a new chapter of your life?


Nisha – Hmm..I guess so – otherwise why would we be even meeting today!


Nikhil – correct – so in order to start afresh, we both should forget our respective pasts…..lets not carry any baggage from the past – I am not bothered about your past and so should you be too……past is past…bygones are bygones you see – do you agree?


Nisha – uh-huh……although I do not have any such traumatic or adventurous …mis adventurous  past that I need to leave behind – have led a very simple life…


Nikhil – boring life you mean – oh! that’s sad …..if you did not enjoy in your teens and twenties – when do you intend to enjoy? At ripe old age of 60?


Nisha – I never said boring – I said simple…


Nikhil – that is the same as boring – no escaping home at midnight, no getting drunk and forgetting all about the worries of the world – living in the moment… have missed it all buddy!


Nisha – in the teens and twenties – when one is in school or college ….what worries do they have that they need to drown in alcohol in order to forget it?!


Nikhil – why? Getting dumped by boyfriend – betrayal, two-timing…and you girls have an extra problem too – getting pregnant! – I really pity girls – they can’t actually enjoy to their fullest – fear of getting pregnant……and then looking for abortion clinics…away from your city – it’s a difficult life!


Nisha – I am a virgin.


Nikhil – bullsh*it! Don’t tell me! You mean no one found you sexy enough to have sex with you?


Nisha – I am not some cheap sl*t who made herself easily available for any assh*le to beep.


Nikhil was taken aback by her bold statement! But he continued.


Nikhil – No…I mean you are 27 already – and still a virgin – it is very difficult to believe that – like your parents are very strict and conservative?


Nisha – No – on the contrary they are very bindaas (happy go lucky) – its just that not every girl likes to get laid – as you seem to think about girls…. (Nisha continued to be sarcastic – she was feeling miserable to even spend another moment with Nikhil – she found him to be a number one cheap loser!)


Nikhil – I have met and interacted with many girls and they are very open about their relationships and even sexual fantasies – there is nothing to be shy of – you are probably brought up in an orthodox environment that’s why you are still a virgin….


Nisha – No – I beg to differ – I am a virgin by choice and not by force or fear – as many guys are made to think by females of easy virtue! You may have met many girls – probably they are all CHs ….C-heads…..


Nikhil – C-heads?


Nisha – Well – like there are males who are DHs….D-heads – D-Heads you know what I mean na – very common term used for horny males always thinking about sex….Di*k-Heads – got it? Similarly, there are females who are C*nt – heads – horny and ever ready to dive on bed with just anyone who catch their fancy or are ready to spend money on them – probably raised in greedy families or maybe miserly families – when they have a deprived childhood – they usually cling on to some rich dullard …sometimes sugar daddy – age does not matter to them – who is ready to spend money on them for sex…..


Nikhil – Hang on – I am talking about regular girls – they were in college with us, they are well placed in MNCs…


Nisha – So what? I am talking about their choice of lifestyle – licentious and promiscuous is what they prefer – like many males – in our society horny loser DH males have brothels to go to but CH females do not have anywhere to go so they catch losers and seduce them with their sexual fantasies and other cheap nuances…they have their NEEDs to fulfill and frustrations to take care of after all……


Nikhil – My Gawd – how can you talk about fellow women so insultingly being a woman yourself?

Nisha – really? – do you worship rapists?


Nikhil – What?


Nisha – Males who rape females…


Nikhil – Of course not – why should I – no man should touch a woman without her consent!


Nisha – And these ‘consenting adult’ females are the ones who degrade the value of women all over the world! What right does a random woman have to seduce and delude a male to fall for her? To be used by her temporarily – until she finds a better and richer prey? Is that right?


Nikhil – Gosh! I don’t even know where this conversation is leading us to……I just asked you to forget your past….


Nisha – And I said I don’t have any such gory or licentious past that I need to forget about!


Just then the waiter came and served them coffee.


Nisha – We’ll go dutch – since we will not meet anymore for sure…


Nikhil – No…I mean …I don’t mind meeting you again – you certainly need some counselling….ever thought of meeting a shrink?


Nisha – Know what – find a CH for yourself – you will live happily ever after with her – and both of you can live and share your scandalous past, present and future till ripe old age….


They both hurriedly finished the coffee and snacks and bid each other goodbye.


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