Fitoor Film Article – Great Expectations End All Joys

Fitoor Film Article – Great Expectations End All Joys

Fitoor Film Review – lol!

Fitoor means – madness in a quirky way for someone, something.

Film shows…okay trailer shows (film not released yet but story seems evident folks!) that a poor (financially poor) boy is absolutely smitten by the beauty of a rich girl…and he continues to live thinking about her only till he grows up! Much like poor family Paro spending her entire childhood and adolescence thinking about rich Devdas! This time tables were turned – rich girl, poor guy – so original!

So this guy grows up & since he was poor and led a hardy life, he had developed 6 pack abs and all. So Bollywood is trying to establish something here – please read carefully – that if you have physical appeal, you can wriggle your way into anyone’s life – rich, poor, mediocre – just anyone – because (according to Bollywood) the day an individual hits puberty – they start looking for sex-mates! Not only do they start looking to sleep around with just anyone irrespective of educational, cultural, regional backgrounds but they even copy animal kingdom ‘Prawn-crab-like’ fornication methods! Watch a promo song ‘Pashmina dhaago ke sang’ (trying to indicate that silk threads are being woven with cotton threads – wow! such an unheard of concept!


So what does such a story carry?

The same stupid romantic dreams that girls have been fed since their childhood…of the arrival of a rich and handsome prince! Now boys will also start dreaming on those lines…I mean they already dream that way but now they will get more enthusiastic than ever to mingle with rich family girls…ladies…desperate housewives….many options are there you see.

If you have watched a film ‘100 days of sodom’ – an adult pukish film showing the lifestyle of filthy rich depraved beeps – you’ll see that aged females were hired to tell them scandalous sex stories – in absence of Television – the depraved beeps actually hired whorish story-tellers to weave cheap sensual stories and also kidnapped poor young boys and girls from neighboring villages to act that out live!! Later they even killed them!

So now the same is happening at a mass level – a stupid mushy impractical film is created and couple of ‘readily available to undress’ males and females are hired to enact the stupidity! Watching such idiocy, young boys and girls start fantasizing sheer stupidity and ruin their lives.

So how does it matter?

The poor guys will obviously not even get a second look from a rich and pretty female (unless of course she is a flirtatious and cheap readily available to one and all, game-girl or some desperate housewife of a rich debauch male) – as a result he will take to drugs, booze, visit brothels.

So what?

Excuse me! An entire life will be wasted in dreaming!

Think about it this way : Drug peddlers will make money, booze sellers and pimps also need food to survive – they all will earn because of such stupid concepts getting propagated worldwide. Such are the people who sponsor Bollywood films – so obviously they need to be promoted! You see ‘expectation reduces joy’ – young, poor, middle class guys will start dreaming of some such thing to happen in their lives – and live sadly ever after!

This is the strategy of shrewdly intelligent males …..and ready-available females!

Inference – Expectation reduces joy, great expectations end all joys!



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