Film Silsila Revisited – Let Love Win

Film Silsila Revisited – Let Love Win

Film Silsila Revisited : If you have got the taste of love, compromising will be like poison!

I salute our ancestors and previous generations for continuing to compromise and never speak up for love!

Very rare few could get married to the ones they loved – otherwise several factors came on way of lovers that marred their entire lives – factors like caste, creed, religion, financial status etc!

We all know that there are many many couples in our world are just together performing their worldly duties for their children and leading an absolutely dry life!


For women it is worst because usually after child birth they lose their figures and bodily beauty and settle with whatever is on their plate – but not all husbands are happy with performing duties both at home and office! Thus we hear several such cases of 65 years of boss with 22 years old secretary or 60 plus males drooling at some strip tease bar watching girls -who are younger to their grand daughters – perform strip-tease and lap dance for them!!

All such things happened because they are basically frustrated! They never loved – just compromised all their lives and at ripe old age – when they have money (provident fund, policies etc.) they try to buy back their youth by sleeping with available sex workers! It is pathetic really – such males are both hated at home front – embarrassed wife and adult children – and ridiculed/ ignored in public because of his depraved lifestyle !!

Therefore, it is a request from parents to not force their children into getting married with someone without their consent! Parents of daughters especially should not force them to marry a man just because he has a bank balance, car and bunglow! Let them have a solid courtship of 6 to 8 months at least so that they know what/ who they are going for! In fact it is because of this fear of ‘being forced to marry’ that girls are becoming reckless and we have several cases of teenage pregnancies to deal with!

Lastly, let love win – only then we can have a healthy / happy progeny who will willingly & passionately take their nation forward. Children who grow up in a loveless home environment usually fail to appreciate what this beautiful world has to offer….only for one reason – because they never felt that love from their parents who  were busy performing worldly duties – compromising all along!



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