Film Review: Tikku Weds Sheru@Kalyug Briefs

Film Review: Tikku Weds Sheru@Kalyug Briefs

Film Review: “Tikku Weds Sheru”

“Tikku Weds Sheru” bills itself as a romantic comedy, but it falls far short of delivering on either front. Instead, the film presents a bleak and painful portrayal of the lives of junior artists in the film industry, lacking both genuine romance and comedic moments.

The story revolves around the female protagonist, who hails from a strict and conservative family. However, she unwittingly finds herself drawn into a lustful relationship with a married man who promises to make her an actress. She compromises her values, engaging in a sexual relationship and even posing for a lingerie advertisement, all without her family’s knowledge. Inevitably, she is deceived and abandoned by the married man, leaving her shattered.

One particular scene depicts the protagonist’s brother brutally assaulting her, initially appearing gratuitous and unnecessary. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that her family’s strictness stems from their awareness of her promiscuous nature. This societal disapproval and negative reputation hinder her chances of finding suitable marriage proposals.

In a hurried attempt to resolve the situation, the family hastily arranges her marriage to an older junior artist residing in Mumbai’s slums. In addition to being a struggling actor, he also acts as a pimp, exploiting young women from small towns who aspire to become actresses, ultimately forcing them into sex work.

Married to a young and attractive woman despite his advanced age, the male lead attempts to impress her by involving himself in drug dealing at nightclubs. Unfortunately, he gets caught and arrested, leaving his wife to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. However, she is forced to compromise her dignity by engaging in relationships with older perverted individuals but fails to secure any substantial acting roles.

Ultimately, the couple resigns themselves to their circumstances and settle for being junior artists in the film industry. The film utterly fails to deliver on its promises of comedy and romance. The storyline is instead filled with desolate and disheartening moments, exploring the dark underbelly of the film industry and the hardships faced by aspiring artists.

While the film attempts to shed light on the challenges faced by junior artists, it lacks the necessary balance and sensitivity to make it a compelling watch. The absence of genuine romance and comedic elements further detracts from its appeal. “Tikku Weds Sheru” ultimately leaves viewers questioning the true nature of its categorization and yearning for a more fulfilling cinematic experience.

One noteworthy aspect of “Tikku Weds Sheru” is its portrayal of the triumph of the oppressed against corrupt politicians, reminiscent of the phrase ‘Ghar ka bhedi Lanka Dhaye.’



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