FIAMA Shower Gels Advt. is downright insulting to teachers!

FIAMA Shower Gels Advt. is downright insulting to teachers!

FIAMA Shower Gels Advt. is downright insulting to teachers!

There is this advt. showing on TV where a mother returns home from school and the teacher has complained about her son…so instead of scolding her son or disciplining him, she makes faces at the teacher and laughs like a hyena in her own mental drama about how her son will rule the bollywood posters one day and that will make his teacher say hai hai hai!??

Gosh! How sick and mad females we have in India…who are mothers! So basically the advt. is trying to say that students should better not be asked to behave well in the classroom and they should be allowed to behave like perfect monkeys disturbing the rest of the class!?

So basically it turns out that :

  • Teachers cannot scold students nor ask them to behave themselves in a raised voice…because the student will be afraid and become traumatic for the rest of his life!
  • Parents do not bother to rectify their children because they think that their children are the best!

So who will do the disciplining role? No one.

No wonder why we have such idiotic concepts of life, love, work, sense of responsibility etc. Obviously children who are raised by mad hatters will be raving mad themselves…fit to be in the asylum!

Another observation – Glass bathrooms at home!

Gosh! Here we, the people, the commoners residing in towns, are approaching villages and counseling villagers and rural citizens of India to make Sauchalayas – closed toilets so that women can do ‘shots’ (potty) in  closed enclosures and not in open fields…and use proper bathrooms and not bathe in the open (as any sex starved sleazy bast**d can pounce on them to rape them ) and here the filthy rich people are making transparent bathrooms…for what?!- to watch the person taking a bath? How much more depraved will the world turn into! Ridiculous!


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    • Pankaj Chopra
    • June 8, 2018

    Why do you guys have to criticize everything. Can’t you live your own life?


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