Fatal Attraction – Film Review

Fatal Attraction – Film Review

Fatal Attraction – Film Review

It all started with Dan having to take the dog out for a night walk ..only to come back and find his child sleeping on his side of the bed !!And the very next day – his wife goes to spend the weekend with her parents! – He missed out on a ‘special session’ he had mentally planned all evening !

Then came the burger which got stuck to his nose – and Alex asked him to remove it – then came the blasted umbrella – then the coffee….I don’t think Dan would have done the needful with Alex in her damp apartment (the outside of her flat was so dirty and the elevator – so backdated !! and I thought the such elevators existed only in India !)

Dan was married for 9 long years and had a 6 years old son, Ellen – a good looking wife…in spite of having all this he went ahead to have an affair with this 36 years old vampire looking Lady !!- How shameless males can be – Goodness gracious me !

It had been Correctly observed by our great poet Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore -“A woman is another Woman’s greatest enemy’ – men are just witnesses – they have zero or no role in building relationships and being warm and affectionate !!

Interesting Dialogue:
Allex: So you have everything -You are happy with your life and family?
Dan : Yeah – I am lucky.
Alex: Then why are you here ?!

Dan had this dumbest expression on his face which was intolerable really!
And the next day he even takes the dog with him to her flat for a quickie session – what cheek. Anyways the dog had a taste of some good human food which Dan gives him to eat in order to remove evidence of his absence from home on both the days – how he ruffles the bed….goodness Males are dangerous !!

Watch the movie Ladies and think 1 million times whether to tie the knotwith any man how-much-ever ‘responsible or loving’ he appears to beor not.

Conclusion – The film director, story writer and producer did their very best to show males ( and females too) the consequences of promiscuity and disloyalty towards life partners….but did the humans learn? Nope! They are finding more ways to make their lives more sensual and scandalous – who knows..maybe males are even praying for some Alex to come in their lives so that she can kill the wife and the pile-on child and he can start his sex-life with a new female!

The confrontation:


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