Duru & Susy – A Short Lust Story

Duru & Susy – A Short Lust Story

Duru & Susy – A Short Lust Story

Duru Yodha and Susy, fondly called Slurpy Syrup by Duru, were newly weds and had been visiting a remote island for their honeymoon. Duru was 55 and Susy was barely 23. Susy belonged to a mighty greedy family and her parents used to give her on hire for child porn. Susy had been a child porn actor since the age of 6. Her parents gave her home schooling so that she could speak 4-5 languages fluently. Both her parents thought that in order to entertain different types of clients, Susy should learn more languages as clients give hefty tips if the hired sex-worker speaks their language.

Susy’s parents did not let her eat junk food at all – for them Susy was the ATM card of their lives. In fact her father was not even her biological father because being dark and ugly, he had told his wife that he will get some good looking male customer so that she would conceive good fair and tall genes. Their plan was successful as Susy turned out to be quite pretty compared to her parents!

At 21, Susy was trying to become a porn star and that is where she met Mr. D. Yodha. Yodha, a successful business man, had divorced 4 times already. All his earlier wives were actors, singers or porn stars but they had left him because he was a violent sex maniac. When Susy went to meet him in his hotel room for a role in a forthcoming porn film to be produced by him, it took them just 6 minutes to undress and dive on bed!

When they decided to get married, all magazines described their wedding as a fairy tale come true! Journalists, writers and editors of ace entertainment tabloids were dying to get Susy’s appointment. Susy’s parents were very disappointed as their live ATM was going away. Susy promised to send them money regularly but both her parents knew that she was lying. She had been lying since the age of 5 – after all she had to survive too! She understood that one cannot survive in this world without lying. Well, her upbringing and circumstances were such that she deduced such opinions regarding the world. Her parents knew that soon they will be pushed in dire poverty but they were intelligent. They adopted 3 orphan girls and the orphanage gladly gave away the girls to the family of the rich porn star – they clearly saw how well they had raised their own daughter – so 3 girls were given away without further queries!

Maximum News channels covered their journey to the remote island for their honeymoon. Duru had bought her a diamond ring and she was flaunting it all over. Duru met his senior Mr. Jara Sanders. Jara was 72 and was the owner of many ships and oil tankers and was 20 times richer than Duru. Jara showed interest in sleeping with Susy and offered to exchange his companion with Duru. Duru was reluctant at first but as soon as he set his eyes on Tara, he immediately agreed to let him have Susy for the night or as many nights as he wanted. Tara was 27 but had a great body and beautiful skin.

Susy was shocked to hear that Duru wanted her to sleep with Jara! But when Duru told her about how rich he was, Susy quickly agreed. Things were going fine but Susy took an over dose of an expensive drug before she could get herself to sleep with ugly old hag – Mr. Jara Sanders! She died of drug overdose.

Thousands of loser sex starved males, boys and aged failure males lamented on the death of a promising porn star. The orphanage realized that they will not get any donations anymore from Susy’s family or husband. They quickly went and snatched away the 3 girls from Susy’s parents. The poor girls had already been initiated into sex and abuse and were traumatic. The orphanage took this chance and made it public and pled for donations from people worldwide so that the poor girls could be cured of their trauma. Many angry and dejected people wrote big articles about why were the girls given off to parents who raised a porn star…and blah blah and others read and nodded with agreement. Susy’s parents were sent behind the bars. Few philosophical people commented on the concept of ‘Karma’ – that such beep parents should rot in hell. Many disagreed and even commented on open forums that many humans enjoy little horny pleasures of life and are surviving because of such parents who sell their daughters (as child and adults) in the sex market. The argument continues.


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