Children are gifts of God – so how are you treating God’s gifts?

Children are gifts of God – so how are you treating God’s gifts?

Children are gift of God – so how are you treating God’s gifts?

Children are the gift of God
yes, agreed – Life itself is a gift from God
so a brand new life is also a gift from God
no doubts about it….

Good to know that you are aware of the fact-
that children are a gift from God
having known this great esoteric secret
what have you done about it?

What arrangements have you made
for those ‘fraction’ of God’s life
that take birth on planet earth?
Have you cleaned your house?
Have you cleaned your surroundings?
Basically, have you taken good care –
of maintaining hygiene by removing all impurities?
Have you hoarded sufficient food –
for both the mother & child?
Do you have enough bank balance
to take care of the ‘fraction of God’
being born to you?
after all you have invited the God or Goddess
so obviously you must have taken enough care
to please Him / Her – with all you might!

Now let’s just step out of your house
ah! More children are being born in your neighbourhood
so many ‘Sparks of divine Light ‘ – manifesting as humans!

But hey – they are not being treated correctly!
Look! That mother just tied her baby at her back
and she is going begging in the scorching sun!
and here is another – she is a labourer –

she left her baby naked on the foot path!
and the baby died of heat stroke!

Oops! Just read in the newspapers –
little children are kidnapped for organ harvesting!
little children are taken for begging and
are sold in the sex market for the rich paedophiles!
and what is this !?
an 8 years old child is selling flowers or car wipes!
why? He/ she should have been ideally in school- right?!

Beg your pardon?
not your child, not your responsibility?

But the topic of discussion here is :
Children are gifts from God
We are discussing the state of those gifts actually!

So where is it written that :


Financial status = x value
Children are gift of God
who are to be pampered


Childeren are NOT gift of God!
who are to be tortured


Awaken to truth and reality folks,

We are all interdependent
thus our happiness is also interdependent

If we neglect and ignore the cries
of our less fortunate brethren
we too will suffer the brunt of poverty & sheer ignorance
in fact…we already are!



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