Chamkila Film Review

Chamkila Film Review

Chamkila Film Review

Based on a true story. It is a biopic. The film is just an elaborate audio visual description of the phrase ‘ Environment makes a man’!

Being born in a small village, this fellow grew up among promiscuous, sex-starved relatives often caught in coitus either done openly or secretly! So he was surrounded by horny aunts [mausis (mom’s sister) and buas (father’s sisters) and bhabis (brother’s wives)] and equally horny uncles who only believed in having sex with just anyone who was available! So the small boy, who was a cobbler’s son, understood pretty early in life that humans are crazy for sex and that eventually, after attaining puberty, one is supposed to engage in random sex and continue doing so till his last breath – in case of lack of libido etc. there are medicines that can be taken and the ‘very reason of taking birth – ie. having sex’ is fulfilled! Wow! Such a horny philosophy of life – millions abide by his philosophy only – those millions have a name also – porn-addict perverts!

As he grew, he must have also observed adult rated magazines, adult stories, dirty comics with images of sexual copulation and how everyone is so keen on reading them..secretly! As he grew up, he became a cobbler but he wanted to sing. He came up with a grand idea – why not give music to porn themes? Why should people not openly discuss the fact that they are porn-addict perverts and 24/7 they are thinking of having sex with random humans – no restriction of age as well – yeah era of inclusivity after all – hence pedophiles !

Then he wanted a female singer and he found one also who agreed to sing the dirty and horny lyrics with him! He married her although he was married already but he told his 1st wife (carrying his kid) that he will send her money every month! Surprisingly his wife did not object much nor did she create any ruckus…..she could have easily asked him about her sexual needs! Probably those needs were taken care of by the father-in-law or brother-in-law(s)….after all that exactly was the theme of all his porn-lyrics!

Anyways, couple of decent and learned citizens of their locality asked them to stop singing lewd songs as it corrupts the mind. He did not listen – after all he was making huge amount of money by singing lewd songs. He then got threatened – he sang few songs in praise of God – so as to appease the decent citizens but continued to sing porn-lyrics because that was fetching him money.

Time to celebrate the great revelation of the great grand mommy!!

 There was a scene in which the younger school going sisters of his second wife objected to the fact that their elder sister was being misused for singing dirty songs…but soon they were doused down – by who!? None other than the aged great grand mother!! After a whole lot of revolution and even bloodshed, girl-child-education had started in India and thus the girls were rightly raising their voice against ‘objectification’ of women and bringing her image under the ‘jooti’ of pervert males….but alas the aged grand-mother doused down all their knowledge with one sentence – that eventually, when females are ‘chum-ready’ they are ‘fu*k ready’ and so lewd songs and dirty lyrics are proclaiming the truth – a truth greater than even all the religious scriptures together!! Round of applause here -wow- time to celebrate the great revelation of the great grand mommy!!

Anyways, both were shot dead at an event where they were further going to propagate pornolyrics. End of Story.

I was wondering why were Indians so upset about the porn lyrics of Yo-Yo Honey Singh oye!? He didn’t start the fire…it was always burning…since the world’s been turning……


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