Billy Madison – Film Review

Billy Madison – Film Review

Billy Madison – Film Review

Story of a 27 years old spoilt brat of a billionaire – an owner of Madison Group of hotels , who , being fed up of his son’s childish tactics, decides to give away the power of attorney to one of his cunning subordinates.

This comes to his son as a rude shock and he asks his father to give him a chance to prove himself. To this his father tells him of his brainlessness & dullness and the fact that he had somehow managed to pass each grade in his school with the help of his father’s influence and money !

Billy challenges his father that he will go through each grade for 2 weeks and pass it on his own or else the cunning subordinate will be made the hotel in-charge .

So begins Billy’s silly journey ‘back to school’. He disturbed the class, made asinine remarks and basically tried to prove to the world that acquiring knowledge is basically futile for a rich boy , as he is assured of his future because of his rich father. Each grade he passed, he threw a lavish party for his friends from all age groups – showed the utter wastage that the rich people make.

Some shocking revelations were as follows :

  1. The principal of the school gives him a valentine’s card – and gave him hints of his homosexuality ! Shows what kind of principals the schools abroad have !! Other girls in the age group of 9-11 yrs gave him Valentine’s card and looked at him rather flirtatiously – which is unexpected from that age group – shows that in the US (and everywhere else?) – children mature (sexually) a bit too fast.

  2. He was pursuing a girl who was his 3rd grade teacher. The girl –teacher wore tiny skirts to school. He made utterly vulgar masturbation gestures holding on to her picture – shows the reason why models all over the world are ruling – this is what all males are busy doing I suppose.
  3. This movie clearly makes the common man realize that the rich and the established will be the ones who will actually and eventually rule – a rich Business man will obviously give away all his property to his own blood & flesh – however dumb he might be , and the rest of the common mass people will just be working under them and implement their donkish dreams & fantasies – and in old age – die of utter frustration – when they realize that they have led a futile life. Some slimy, cunning but ultimately foolish creatures – like the one in this movie – start day-dreaming that they will get hold of the Company and make life hell for many other workers.
  4. In the end – it is shown that Billy is not all that kiddish as he is seen by outsiders – He is in fact a good judge of character and quiet mature – he ousted the cunning fellow from his organization and made a more eligible , elderly person the in-charge of his Hotels – and himself went ahead – drinking, boozing, smooching & dreaming.



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