Asur – Bengali film review by Kalyug Briefs

Asur – Bengali film review by Kalyug Briefs

Asur – Bengali film review by Kalyug Briefs


3 characters – Kigan, Aditi and Bodhi. Bodhi loves Aditi but Aditi loves Kigan. Kigan loves none – he is just friends with them.


Kigan is a Arts faculty who encourages his students to smoke weed, have sex with him and probably also with each other , consume alcohol, he makes them undress to become stark naked and gallop on each other so that he can draw them…and others too can draw them – basically a  live ‘Picture Porn’ – all this in the name of art! When other faculties of the Art Institute complain against him – saying he is a bad – rather rotten influence on the students, the Principal does not take it seriously and lets him stay!


Anyways, once under the influence of alcohol both Aditi and Kigan dive on bed to have sex – oh! Aditi has been shown as a modern educated girl after all – how else will a woman prove that she is modern and hep? Of course by getting drunk and diving on bed with anyone available around – ah! so modern, so hep, so ultra modern! Unfortnately she gets pregnant and hurriedly married off to Bodhi – who had witnessed her eff session with Kigan – yet he agrees to marry her and bring up her child ever so lovingly! (warning – this does not happen in real life – no sane, sober and decent man will agree to marry and pregnant female…esp. if she is not pregnant with him…in our world males don’t marry in spite of 3-4 abortions of their live-in girlfriends…and here young girls are given the understanding that thre are good and sober dumb males who will marry them to live happily ever after!


Anyways – Aditi could never accept Bodhi as her husband and continued to hanker after uncouth, ill-bred schizophrenic Kigan (Kigan used to hallucinate a villager-female ghost in half saree)! At the end the Asur burns himself to ashes – good riddance to bad rubbish!


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