Are men actually being asked to change their basic nature?

Are men actually being asked to change their basic nature?

Are men actually being asked to change their basic nature?

Do you happen to know that men are wired differently from women – at least as far as sensuality is concerned?
That it is natural for men to get aroused just by a single simple glimpse of a woman’s asset – mostly her erogenous zones that include – breasts,  waist, thighs, calves, neck, feet, ankle, hair, face, lips ….well, well depends on what a man may find sexciting?

In fact, it is because males have a low threshold of sexcitement …many average and below average looking women could get the taste of motherhood (yea – it is a very harsh statement  but this is also the truth – wake up to basic facts – because had men been wired for getting aroused only by some very  beautiful, fair and lovely, shapely , smooth skinned diva – then maximum women in our world would never have tasted motherhood!)

I hope you all happen to know that in order to taste that ‘oh! so beautiful’ motherly feeling – you need to be impregnated first.

Only men can impregnate women with the tool that nature has provided him with! That tool has a basic natural function – which, when properly functional, succeeds to fertilize the ovum! (please don’t comment on this post with the ‘artificial insemination’ crap – even for that the male is given an adult magazine with pictures of semi nude or total nude centre spread porn star females – so that he can ejaculate – only difference – instead of going into the commode, it goes into some jar – that is stored  for ‘artificial insemination’ ! Why did I write this basic thing? Believe me – there are many dumb people out there – who are very socially active though – who think that the semen is being artificially made by chemists and that women don’t need men anymore for becoming pregnant! Yes – you read it right – I have actually had such arguments with people – women specially!!

It is because of this reason that our ancestors – both men and women – and social law makers – mostly men, came out with ideas that will protect the modesty of women! There have been several evolutionary steps that happened in the past – where the dress  sense was changed according to rate of crimes in the particular region. Men are also humans, they will obviously do everything to protect their women – who is known as weaker sex – not because she is weak – but because compared to men, she is physically weaker – nature made her such – she is softer because she holds & rocks the most beautiful miracle of human life – a new born baby! (pls don’t give me crap arguments yet again that women are boxing / wrestling champions, judo-karate experts etc. – what percentage of women are such champions? Will couple of women excelling well in wrestling / boxing change the entire nature of women? It will not.

So men know what goes on in the mind of other men when they sight even a glimpse of a woman’s body…. Based on such factors dress codes were made for women so that they are safe from the evil / lustful eyes of criminals! Such combinations and permutations have continued since eons – time immemorial. As we evolved socially – as men and women started interacting openly, they started meeting, studying, working together – started meeting as friends, school mates, colleagues – gradually the sensuality threshold in both men and women became higher – that is also called as becoming more civilized.

Being civilized is okay but it does not mean that it will change the entire nature of a man! He will still be aroused by the female body. Now in work places, outside – in malls, roads etc. – if women dress up in a sense that keeps the capacity of arousing the sensuality of men – then the responsibility is entirely upon that woman – she has purposely dressed in a way that attracts a male to be drawn towards her – esp. for sexual services. Here the woman is highly irresponsible giving birth to untoward incidents messing up lot many lives….also she is pretty wicked that she is exploiting the male weakness so damn openly!

Suffice to say : If rape done by men is a crime, then seduction done by women is also a crime. Both punishable crimes.


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