What is the most amazing thing about film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’?

What is the most amazing thing about film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’?

What is the most amazing thing about film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’?

I found the following idea to be the most hilariously amazing thing about the film – Jab Tak hai Jaan!

Qualifications required to become an ace Army officer in India…..

Following (according to our rich and affluent & highly influential film Industry):

  1. You gotta be a beggar living hand to mouth in a foreign country.
  2. You need to rope in a multi-billionaires – like impressing her with your sweet nothings!
  3. Get her laid – just sweet talk won’t do bro – & you better be very unique in your beep performance!
  4. Get jilted for whatever reason!
  5. The entire Indian Defense will be waiting to welcome you!

See… it’s so easy to join the forces here in India!

So whatcha waiting for? Join Today!

Wake up guys – No female as beautiful, ravishing, rich and already having a handsome suitor – like Katreena had in this film – will ever even LOOK at a beggar singing on the street! Maybe give some alms – but that’s all! If she has to flirt around or sleep around – she’ll get educated, suave, hygienic and healthy executives from her own Company to do so…..please don’t think that a female of such a stature would stoop so low!

We, women are already suffering from this syndrome that is deep seated in our psyche – ever since our childhood we have been made to read (& understand) that a handsome Prince will come and woo us away! Only a princess is eligible for prince. So stop entertaining such stupid thoughts on your mind….this is just a way of the dream merchants to turn us into stupid dreamers dreaming the impossible…and turning us into worthless dopes for not materializing our dreams!!



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