Alok, The Dog Lover - Short Story

Alok, The Dog Lover - Short Story

Alok, The Dog Lover – Short Story

Once upon a time, in a quaint little neighborhood, there lived a man named Alok. He was known as the aged neighbor, but unfortunately, he was also an eyesore to the community. The reason for this was the overpowering stench that emanated from his house and the surrounding area, as it was infested with the street dogs he used to feed.

Children in the neighborhood had become frequent victims of these dogs, as they were often bitten while playing or walking to school. The parents of the affected children grew increasingly concerned and lodged numerous complaints against Alok, hoping for a resolution. However, despite the complaints, the street dogs continued to rule the neighborhood, causing fear and anxiety among the residents.

One day, after a long absence, Alok’s son decided to pay his aging father a visit. He brought along his four-year-old son, eager to reconnect and introduce the young boy to his grandfather. The visit brought a glimmer of hope to the neighbors who wished for a change in the unfortunate situation.

As fate would have it, tragedy struck that very day. While playing in the front yard, Alok’s grandson fell victim to one of the street dogs and was bitten. The frantic cries of the child echoed through the neighborhood, causing panic among the residents. Alok, witnessing the incident, was filled with a mix of sadness and anger. His protective instincts kicked in, and he felt compelled to take drastic action.

Filled with rage and desperation, Alok decided to take matters into his own hands. In a fit of anger, he quickly resorted to a desperate and extreme measure to end the reign of the street dogs. That very day, he secretly poisoned all the dogs that had caused so much pain and suffering to the neighborhood.

The news of Alok’s drastic action spread like wildfire through the community. The neighbors, who had endured the menace of the street dogs for far too long, were initially taken aback by his drastic action. However, as time passed, a sense of relief settled in. The once constant fear and threat of being attacked by the aggressive canines began to dissipate.

Though Alok’s solution was controversial and raised ethical questions, it brought an end to the constant danger faced by the residents. The children could now play freely in the streets, and parents no longer had to fear for their safety. The neighborhood slowly regained its sense of peace and tranquility.

As the days turned into weeks, the residents began to realize that despite the controversial method employed by Alok, there had been an unintended consequence. With the mass killing of the street dogs, the residents couldn’t help but feel a sense of guilt and remorse for celebrating their demise.

Time passed, and the memory of the street dogs and Alok’s drastic solution began to fade. The neighborhood started to move forward, attempting to strike a balance between safety and compassion. Residents organized meetings to discuss the establishment of animal shelters, fostering a more humane approach to address the issue of stray dogs.

Alok, however,went into depression, forever carrying the burden of his extreme actions. The once-aged neighbor became a recluse, distancing himself from the community that had both shunned and relied on him. The neighborhood, while grateful for the newfound safety, could never forget the high price that had been paid for it. As the community decided to raise funds for creating an animal shelter, they approached Alok to be the president of the Shelter. Initially he did not agree but his neighbors continued convincing him to take over as the Admin head of the shelter as only someone who is passionate about the job can do justice to the effort of so many people involved! Alok agreed eventually, and dedicated the rest of his life to raise awareness regarding the suffering of innocent street dogs and how to solve the issue with a more humane approach. His depression disappeared in  no time!

And so, the tale of Alok, the aged neighbor who poisoned the street dogs, became a cautionary story for the community. It served as a reminder of the importance of finding humane solutions to problems and the consequences of taking matters into one’s own hands.


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