Aietraaz – Film Review

Aietraaz – Film Review

Aietraaz – Film Review

Means : Objection , protest, opposition -the opposite of approval

Story line : Hunk hero falls in love with a model aspiring to make it very big in life- by hook or by crook. Hero knows of her ambition – still humps her -I mean goes around with her , sleeps and enough steamy scenes happen between the 2 of them.

Model becomes pregnant. Model obviously aborts- she would not give up her million dollar figure which is her way to success ! Hunk hero’s fatherly feeling & affection suddenly takes an upper hand !! he is heart broken that she did away with the seed he had planted-in one of the F- sessions he had with her ! –He leaves her and they part ways.

Hunk hero meets a dumb advocate (played by Kareena) –floors her by talking like a 17 years old boy and they get married to live happily ever ..but the Director had something else on mind.

Ex flame and model – now married to an old haggard Industrialist –  because of his money of course – wants hunk hero back –  just to hump her occasionally – not as a hubby as she has all the goodies from her rich old haggard ‘unable to perform on bed’ husband.

She wants to have the cake and eat it too. Hunk hero, to her surprise acts pricey this time – he had metamorphosed to a typical patni-vrata (wife devoted) Indian man !- seldom found nowadays though – he declines her indecent proposal !

She is mad  –  she sues him of raping her when she was alone at home –  a rich Industrialist  – alone at home !!- no servants !! – anyways hunk hero confesses to Indian wife of his escapade with oomph mistress.

Wife takes up the case and fights for her husband –  they win ! wow ! what a wife !!


The most talked about scene : a song where the ex-model and horny but dissatisfied wife of the old haggard Industrialist calls Ram Malhotra (Akshaya) to her cabin and jumps on him singing “I want to make love to you” in English ! Just imagine dear Britishers !! how these Chameleons —– Indians ie., change their colors – they are singing English songs in Indian movies !!..Later we come to know that its just a dream sequence !! ..but anyways they all went home with a new dream …a possibility of having a huge – spacious office area for horny ladies to sing and jump with !! Some men even captured the hot- slurpy scenes in their mobiles !!…honestly such a remarkable use of technology … really commendable. Hail Indian Citizens….


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