A Suitable Wife - Short Story

A Suitable Wife - Short Story

A Suitable Wife – Short Story

Dilip & Akash, fast friends since childhood, grew up in contrasting family environments. While Dilip’s parents constantly fought, with his mother being bored and preoccupied with kitty parties, and his father being a workaholic, Akash’s house was filled with warmth and love. Dilip frequently sought solace by visiting Akash’s house, observing the affectionate relationship between Akash and his mother.

Akash’s mother was always loving and caring towards Dilip. She would often give him extra food, ensuring that he didn’t have to settle for a dry sandwich like at his own home. As Dilip matured into adulthood, he found himself yearning for a partner who possessed the same nurturing qualities as Akash’s mother.

As Dilip began exploring potential life partners, he came across various choices that resembled his own mother – individuals who seemed disinterested and lacked the warmth he craved. He couldn’t bear the thought of marrying someone who resembled his own unfulfilled familial experience.

Determined to find a different kind of love, Dilip rejected these options in search of a woman who embodied the unconditional love and care he witnessed in Akash’s mother. He longed for someone who would provide him with the emotional support and affection that had been absent from his childhood.

Through this journey of self-discovery and introspection, Dilip realized that what he truly desired was not just a replication of Akash’s mother but rather an authentic connection based on shared values and emotional compatibility. He understood that it wasn’t about finding a carbon copy of someone else’s relationship; it was about creating his own unique bond filled with love, understanding, and compassion.

In the end, Dilip embraced the idea that true happiness comes from finding a partner who genuinely cares for him while also understanding that each relationship is unique and should be built on its own foundation of trust and love.

As Dilip reflected on his experiences, he came to appreciate the lessons learned from both his own parents’ tumultuous relationship and the love he witnessed in Akash’s family. These insights not only shaped his outlook on love and marriage but also allowed him to build a fulfilling and nurturing relationship of his own, breaking the cycle of dissatisfaction that had plagued his upbringing.

Through this journey, Dilip discovered that it is not about finding an exact replica of what he saw in Akash’s mother, but rather about building a genuine and loving partnership based on mutual respect and emotional connection.


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